New project "Lessus" is a collection of performances with missing bandmates

We don't sub in people when members of our band are missing. Instead we use the opportunity to find arrangements that work with whomever is left. This creates a couple healthy dynamics in the band and in the congregation.

  • Constraint breeds creativity - forces the band to think differently about how and what we play
  • Set diversity - week to week we could go from 5 people on stage playing noise rock to 3 people doing an acoustic set, or all electronic DJ set or a cappella
  • Discomfort - even if you think what you're doing is pushing boundaries, those boundaries quickly become new comfort levels if they aren't consistently moved. There's a measure of gospel adventure in which the body joins together and commits ourselves to laying aside our preferences and committing ourselves to the deep, communal work of the gospel.

This collection of live performances which we're calling "Lessus" will be from those sets. As with all our releases, will add to the over time so we can get out songs as fast as we can.